My favourite library… Hunmanby Library

Sadly, my childhood library at Hunmanby, North Yorkshire, closed last year. The property was sold in February not, as first feared, to a housing developer, but to a local businessman who plans to move in his existing company. Local councillor Michelle Donohue-Moncrieff was relieved that the property had been bought by someone local who planned to use the existing building, rather than demolishing it to make way for nine new homes.

[photo: Andrew Higgins]

[photo: Andrew Higgins]

Eight local libraries were threatened with closure in 2012 under North Yorkshire County Council’s plan to save £70m. Despite efforts by volunteers in Hunmanby, it was the only library of the eight not to find a workable solution. The village was promised fortnightly visits from the Supermobile library van.

This completes the circle for me. I have clear memories as a young child, long before the existing library was built in Stonegate, climbing up the steep steps into the back of the library van to choose a book. But how can a fortnightly visit replace a bricks-and-mortar building? This was the wrong decision.

One thought on “My favourite library… Hunmanby Library

  1. ramblesofawriter

    How sad! We rarely had books in the house when I was a child, and I have so many happy/nostalgic memories of the libraries I explored – as good as finding a treasure trove if you’re that way inclined! The first one I ever visited has gone too, but the one I spent the most time in and where I used to seek out Just William books is still there.



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