ignoring-gravity-by-sandra-danby1Please click on the link to read the full review:-

“Drama? Check. Suspense? Check. Romance? Check. Will-they-won’t-they? Check. Great twists? Check, check, check! I am pleased to say this story has them all and then some.” Kerry Burnett @ Kerry’s Reviews Blog

“There is a twist at the end which unexpectedly gave me the shivers as I contemplated history repeating itself. A well written book with a story which will keep you turning the pages. Thoroughly recommended.” Ali @ A Woman’s Wisdom

“Ignoring Gravity is just the book to take with you to the beach this summer. It has everything you need: romance, family drama, humor – and some moments guaranteed to make you tearful.” Kate Loveton @ Odyssey of a Novice Writer

“From the very first page this is an intriguing story.” Corri van der Stege @ 51 Stories

It’s a fascinating and intriguing tale of family, love, loyalty and new beginnings and pulled me in from the start. There’s a thread of romance running through which doesn’t overshadow the main story of Rose’s search for her true identity.” Cathy Ryan @ Between the Lines

“Did I like Ignoring Gravity?  I loved it!  I recommend it to everyone who enjoys an excellent book.” Michelle Clements James @ Book Chat

“This is the perfect summer read; I read this sprawled in the garden, under the sun. It really is the perfect mix of drama, family, love, discovery and friendship.” Lizzy Baldwin @ My Little Book Blog

I wish that could tell you more but I can’t. I could tell you, just … there are many things that this book keeps as secret… that will be revealed [at] the end.” Silvana @ Books Are My Life



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