What the readers say

“What really sets this novel apart is the author’s descriptive skill. By tackling the ever popular themes of adoption and infertility, Sandra Danby’s Ignoring Gravity is mining a rich vein in women’s fiction and is bound to appeal. But her take on these painful subjects is somewhat original and her story has an unexpected twist in the tail.”
Jane Cable, author of ‘The Cheesemaker’s House’

“This contemporary tale of sisterhood and identity is immediately engrossing. Sandra Danby writes with great empathy and wit.”
Shelley Weiner, author of ‘The Audacious Mendacity of Lily Green’

“So much mystery and I haven’t even read from the beginning! Will be doing so on the weekend. Loved the way you described Phyllie’s cup of tea as “poured with a slight wobble and spill” – I immediately saw it so vividly!”

“Sneaked time off from packing to read this. Totally absorbing… want to know what happens next but also need to go back to the beginning. Packing can wait!”
Sheila Williams, Write on the Beach

“Just finished Ignoring Gravity. Loved it, and cried at page 421!”
Nicky Stephen, Nicky Stephen Marketing

“She’s hardly able to tear herself away from Ignoring Gravity to make meals or wash dishes – thought you’d like to know that!
Fiction Feedback

“I was enthralled, reading this, getting a sense of how Rose must have felt – so many strands to weave together.”
EllaDee Words, Australia

“I am so enjoying this series.”
Cleopatra Loves Books

“It’s an intriguing story.”
Cindy Bruchman, Arizona, USA

One of the first items on my agenda of return to the real world was to catch up with Rose. And, I’ve not been disappointed.”
EllaDee Words, Australia

“It is very, very beautifully written. Sisters or I should say siblings! eh?”
Sharmishtha Basu, Wing of Dreams

“Very well done. You captured their emotions.”
Margit Sage, margitsage.com, USA

“Great opening to your book Sandra – a powerful opening in extract one and I’m very intrigued at how the strands will fit together and where they’ll take us.”
Andrea Stephenson, Harvesting Hecate

“A great beginning.”
Nia Simone, niasimoneauthor.com, USA

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