An old book: Treasure Island

treasure island - green book 30-5-13This copy was my father’s. It is from Collins’ ‘Laurel & Gold’ series, measures 16x11cm so fits easily into a pocket, and is bound in a pale green linen. chapter one 30-5-13In 1933 my father was nine. It is inscribed in pencil with his name and the date which makes it a second edition; the first was printed May 1931, the second January 1932. the inscription 30-5-13 title page 30-5-13I especially like the poem ‘To the Hesitating Purchaser.’ Perhaps today’s books should feature a similar the hesitating purchaser 30-5-13‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson

2 thoughts on “An old book: Treasure Island

  1. Lorraine McDonagh

    Hi there. I have this exact book. Is there any monetary value to this book? Was not able to find it on so many sites.



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