Great opening paragraph 61… ‘Dance Dance Dance’ #amwriting #FirstPara

Haruki Murakami“I often dream about the Dolphin Hotel.
In these dreams, I’m there, implicated in some kind of ongoing circumstance. All indications are that I belong to this dream continuity.
The Dolphin Hotel is distorted, much too narrow. It seems more like a long, covered bridge. A bridge stretching endlessly through time. And there I am, in the middle of it. Someone else is there too, crying.
The hotel envelops me. I can feel its pulse, its heat. In dreams, I am part of the hotel.”
‘Dance Dance Dance’ by Haruki Murakami

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A 1st para which makes me want to read more: DANCE DANCE DANCE by Haruki Murakami #books via @SandraDanby

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