Book review: Kings and Queens

Terry TylerThis is the first novel by Terry Tyler that I have read. It is the rollicking story of property developer Harry Lanchester. A property developer you may think, hardly your usual hero type? But he is not just any Harry, he is King Henry VIII updated to modern times. I started reading this after a heavyweight novel and being in need of light refreshment, and had already started then discarded one book on my Kindle after two pages.  This provided the page-turner my weary brain required, the story race along and is an ideal read for holidays, a long train or plane journey, or just when you want to cosset yourself.

If you like Tudor-set novels, you will have fun with this. It is easy to work out that that Cathy is Catherine of Aragon and Annette Hever is Anne Boleyn, but I enjoyed recalling my Tudor history – and reading of Philippa Gregory novels – to work out the Tudor equivalent of the modern characters. Of course, as we know the story of Henry and his wives, we can work out what happens to Harry and his, though Tyler puts a modern twist on each story that draws you in. I found myself comparing her writing style to the ultimate page-turner Jilly Cooper. I wonder if Ms Tyler has written about polo?

Just one small criticism: I found the beginning a bit underwhelming and almost stopped reading, I am glad I didn’t.

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‘Kings and Queens’ by Terry Tyler [UK: Terry Tyler] Buy now

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2 thoughts on “Book review: Kings and Queens

  1. Terry Tyler

    Many, many thanks, Sandra – what a lovely surprise! I do know what you mean about the beginning; you always see what you could have done slight better, later, alas! But I’m so glad you didn’t give up on it, too!


    1. sandradan1 Post author

      I think writing the first chapter, knowing where to start the story, is one of the most difficult things to do as a novelist. Not sure I got it right with mine, either, but will try harder with the next one! SD



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