A poem to read in the bath… ‘Happiness’

Happiness is a state we all aspire to but today there are heightened expectations of happiness, more children are said to be unhappy, depressed, disappointed, disaffected. This poem by the American Stephen Dunn [below] suggests a pragmatic approach to life.

Stephen Dunn

[photo: stephendunnpoet.com]

Because of copyright restrictions I am unable to reproduce the poem in full, but please search it out in an anthology or at your local library.

A state you must dare not enter
                  With hopes of staying,
Quicksand in the marshes, and all

The roads leading to a castle
That doesn’t exist.

For more about Stephen Dunn and his other poetry, click here for his website. His collection Different Hours won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 2001.

Stephen Dunn


Different Hours’ by Stephen Dunn [WW Norton & Company] 

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