Great Opening Paragraph 85… ‘The Pelican Brief’ #amwriting #FirstPara

John Grisham“He seemed incapable of creating such chaos, but much of what he saw below could be blamed on him. And that was fine. He was ninety-one, paralyzed, strapped in a wheelchair and hooked to oxygen. His second stroke seven years ago had almost finished him off, but Abraham Rosenberg was still alive and even with tubes in his nose his legal stick was bigger than the other eight. He was the only legend remaining on the Court, and the fact that he was still breathing irritated most of the mob below.”
‘The Pelican Brief’ by John Grisham 

Try one of these 1st paras & discover a new author:-
‘Diary of an Ordinary Woman’ by Margaret Forster
‘To Have and Have Not’ by Ernest Hemingway
‘Bel Canto’ by Ann Patchett

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2 thoughts on “Great Opening Paragraph 85… ‘The Pelican Brief’ #amwriting #FirstPara

  1. Sharon Bonin-Pratt

    An outstanding first paragraph though I haven’t read Pelican. I’m currently reading Grisham’s A Painted House. Totally engaging and brilliantly written.

    Sandra, I wanted to convey an issue with you. Every time I reply to this blog, I get a notice that I have to confirm that I’m following you. It’s a bit annoying and I don’t know why I have to take this extra step. I’ve chosen not to comment on many of your posts at this site because of this little glitch. Anyway to eliminate this second step?


    1. sandradan1 Post author

      Sorry about that Shari, the answer is I don’t know. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll check it out. I haven’t read ‘A Painted House’ but will add it to my list now. 🙂 SD



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