Great Opening Paragraph 88… ‘To Have and Have Not’ #amwriting #FirstPara

Ernest Hemingway“You know how it is there early in the morning in Havana with the bums still asleep against the walls of the buildings; before even the ice wagons come by with ice for the bars? Well, we came across the square from the dock to the Pearl of San Francisco Café to get coffee and there was only one beggar awake in the square and he was getting a drink out of the fountain. But when we got inside the café and sat down, there were three of them waiting for us.”
‘To Have and Have Not’ by Ernest Hemingway

Try one of these 1st paras & discover a new author:-
Animal Farm’ by George Orwell 
Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding 
Possession’ by AS Byatt 

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