Great Opening Paragraph 92… ‘Back When we were Grown-Ups’ #amwriting #FirstPara

Anne Tyler“Once upon a time, there was a woman who discovered she had turned into the wrong person.

She was fifty-three years old by then – a grandmother. Wide and soft and dimpled, with two short wings of dry, fair hair flaring almost horizontally from a center part. Laugh lines at the corners of her eyes. A loose and colourful style of dress edging dangerously close to Bag Lady.

Give her credit: most people her age would say it was too late to make any changes. What’s done is done, they would say. No use trying to alter things at this late date.

It did occur to Rebecca to say that. But she didn’t.”
‘Back When We Were Grown-Ups’ by Anne Tyler

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Anne Tyler


This is my old Chatto & Windus paperback edition, 2001

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