Great Opening Paragraph 93… ‘Death in Summer’ #amwriting #FirstPara

William Trevor

“After the funeral the hiatus that tragedy brought takes a different form. The suddenness of the death has gone, irrelevant now. Thaddeus has stood and knelt in the church of St Nicholas, has heard his wife called good, the word he himself gave to a clergyman he has known all his life. People were present in the church who were strangers to him, who afterwards, in the house, introduced themselves as a few of Letitia’s friends from the time before he knew her. ‘And where is Letitia now?’ an undertaker a week ago inquired, confusing Thaddeus, who for a moment wondered if the man knew why he had been summoned. ‘It’s Letitia who has died,’ he said, and answered, when the man explained, that Letitia was in the mortuary, where she’d been taken.”
‘Death in Summer’ by William Trevor

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4 thoughts on “Great Opening Paragraph 93… ‘Death in Summer’ #amwriting #FirstPara

    1. sandradan1 Post author

      I think we miss so many great books by concentrating on new releases! 2017 is my year of choosing books from the backlists. SD



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