Great opening paragraph 20… ‘Notes on a Scandal’ #amwriting #FirstPara

Zoe Heller“1 March 1998. The other night at dinner, Sheba talked about the first time that she and the Connolly boy kissed. I had heard most of it before, of course, there being few aspects of the Connolly business that Sheba has not described to me several times over. But this time round, something new came up. I happened to ask her if anything about the first embrace had surprised her. She laughed. Yes, the smell of the whole thing had been surprising, she said. She hadn’t anticipated his personal odour and if she had, she would probably have guessed at something teenagey: bubble gum, cola, feet.”
‘Notes on a Scandal’ by Zoe Heller 

Try one of these 1st paras & discover a new author:-
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‘I’ll Take You There’ by Joyce Carol Oates
‘Death in Summer’ by William Trevor

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